Am I Dumb Or What?!?

Well, I’m very frustrated with myself today. I’m trying to move my blog to my own domain. I went and registered my domain at for 75 cents. Then, I don’t have a web host, so I look for a free one, but it seems that wordpress just doesn’t run properly on it. Maybe it can, but my brain really feels fried today, trying to figure it all out.

I want to be able to run google adsense on my blog. Apparently, you can’t do that with a blog thats hosted at You have to host it elsewhere.

I tried to use to host my website, but because it’s free, it doesn’t seem to properly support wordpress. I could be wrong? Does anyone know how to do it?

So then, I go to a recommended, and I sign up. I did it wrong,  because I already have a domain name, and they can’t transfer one thats less than 60 days old. I only bought it today. Damn it! I don’t remember this shiznit being this hard the last time I registered a domain or made a web page. I’m surely driving the people at nuts, with all my questions, and how stupid I seem. I promise, I’m not stupid…

The Curious Case of My Buck Or Two Mug!

I have to write about this, because it’s important. To me. Anyway, about 10 years or so ago, (Boy, does that make me sound old or what?), I bought this awesome, super duper huge bowl/mug at A Buck Or Two. A Buck Or Two is this awesome store, basically like Dollarama, but with slightly more expensive things for the most part. The Mug I bought was $2.00. It’s the size of 3 or 4 mugs I suppose, or two cereal bowls, but it has a handle. I love to have soup in it, because I don’t have to worry about spillage, etc. I also love making huge hot chocolate, or coffee on those days I’m cranky. (So….pretty much everyday!).

I have asked them about this mug, they don’t remember it. They likely don’t, it’s a long time ago. man I wish I had bought 10 of them! I’m going to post the pics of it, with a standard size red corelle mug in it, to show comparison. I would be ever so grateful if you knew where I could get another few of these. Like I said, it is about 10 years old, I have used the heck out of it, and it has not chipped, cracked, or otherwise broken. There are no markings on the bottom to help me identify who made it. 😦

Oh, the mug does not have to have the same colours, or patterns. I just want it to be the same shape and size. 🙂 Oh, just to be clear, I want one like the white mug. I just put the corelle one in there to show how big the white one is. 😀 So, if you know where I could get one like this, let me know. I have so far checked Dollarama, A Buck Or Two multiple times, Canadian Tire, Wal-Mart, & Rossy.ImageImageImage

Toddlers & Tiaras – Dec 26th, 2012

So, I’m watching this episode now, and that annoying Mother of “Faithlynn”, is being a total beeyatch again. How  can an adult talk about children in such a nasty way?

I don’t have any kids yet, but I’m sure as heck that I won’t talk about other kids like she does. I don’t talk about them that way now. This Mother, and I use that term loosely, because she’s a very poor excuse for one, has a disgusting and judgmental attitude. She just irritates me. I can’t see how her poor child could possibly grow up well adjusted like that.

She said that Gracie was a clown, simply because she also wore a red dress, like her daughter, Faithlynn did. I wasn’t aware she owned the rights to the colour red. Duly noted. She also says her daughter looked hotter. I can understand thinking that your child looks prettier, but hotter is not an appropriate term for a child. She was very immature too, trying to bring kids in on her poor attitude, because the adults wanted none of it. She said that Gracie was ugly. Come on…that’s just wrong! Luckily, the little girls ignored the comment. It’s sad when a child is more mature than an adult.

They showed Faithlynn’s Moms face after Gracie performed, and she had this gloating smirk as she looked at her daughter. WTF? Childish much?!?! THEN, and this is sooo annoying to me, she had her daughter make fun of Gracies “popping” dance move, to be honest, it looks like something a stripper would do, not something a child should even know exists, let alone know how to do. Then Faithlynn shows how its “really done.” Poor kid.

Gracie’s Mother has had enough of the drama by this time, and she confronts Faithlynn’s Mother, and Faithlynn’s Mother being the immature person she is, walks away, and throws an insult over her shoulder, that Gracie’s Mother is “trash”.

Now, I need to ask….why do I even watch this show? lol. It annoys me so much, and surely it kills my brain cells, especially when these brain dead fame whore Mothers use their kids to make themselves feel accomplished. That is all.

Sugars and Loves,


Vileda Pro Mist Mop Review


Ok, I’m pretty up front about my opinions on things. I have a Swiffer wet jet, which is good and all, but they try to force you to buy their brand of refills for the cleaner, and the pads, which are little more than huge panty liners, yes? Anyway, if you’re like me, you refuse to give in to their corporate bully tactics, and you figure out a way to get around it. I purchased some reusable washable pads at Dollarama, but they shrink in hot water. I like to wash them in hot water so that they don’t keep germs on them.  I also figured out a way to pop the top of the cleaner bottle, and refill it. But, all this gets tedious, and I feel like I shouldn’t have to, when I pay enough for the Swiffer in the first place.

So, I see a commercial for . I think it looks cool. I figure it will likely be crap, as most things on tv are, when you actually buy them. I saw it in Wal-Mart a few days ago, and it looked pretty cool, the pads looked sturdy, and are washable, up to 100 times, the package says. Here is the best part though, the bottle is supposed to be filled with your own concoctions of cleaner. You can use something you like, or something that is safer for your family, if you have allergies. You can also be sure to save money by mixing it up yourself!

The Vileda Mop comes with two pads. One is meant for tougher messes, the other for gentle cleaning. Both can be washed and reused, but they won’t last forever, according to the package.  There is another awesome perk to the Vileda Mop. Even though the pads that come with it secure to the bottom with Velcro, like the Swiffer, it also has those little holes with the teeth, for grabbing onto your home made, or cheap brand pads. You could even use an old cut up towel if you wanted. (I did). I also used the reusable pad that I had bought at Dollarama for the Swiffer wet jet, that had shrunk and wouldn’t fit the Swiffer any more. Wouldn’t you know it, it fits the Vileda perfectly! 😀 Also, the vileda doesn’t use batteries. The mechanism sprays much farther and with a more misty effect than the Swiffer wet jet ever did, and that takes batteries.

The Vileda Mop was on sale, I got it for $22.98. I love it. It’s there, its easier than getting a mop and bucket and getting your hands dirty . You don’t have to worry about chemical burns on your skin from putting your hands into the hot/dirty/toxic  mop bucket, because there is no bucket needed! When you are done, pop the pad off, throw it in the laundry and voila!

I’d highly recommend it. It costs about 2 times more than a good old style Mop, but does the work far more efficiently! I can’t wait to see if Vileda comes out with a Swiffer Sweeper Vac type product.

PS: I am not getting paid for this post, and I bought the vileda on my own, out of my own money…well,  my Husbands money, but whatever, it’s mine too right? Lol

Sugars and Loves,